worship arts

Music, drama, and other performance arts all play a role in glorifying God, proclaiming the gospel, and inspiring people seek God. The Worship Arts ministries at Victorious Life are intended to reach people of all ages and walks of life for the purpose of worship.


The music ministry of Victorious Life is committed to performing music which faithfully proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ, conveys sound doctrine, and encourages our congregation to worship God with joy and reverence. Because of our diverse congregation, the music of our services varies in style ranging from contemporary praise and worship selections, to classic hymns and gospel songs.

We use piano, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, drums, percussion and several singers to lead in worship and welcome other types of instruments to expand our team. We encourage the entire music ministry as well as the congregation to suggest new music for congregational worship.

We are always looking for musicians and vocalists to add to the music ministry. We encourage children ten years of age and older to participate and learn to develop their musical gifts in the context of worship. Anyone wishing to participate in the music ministry is welcome to contact Pastor Brian Barker, Chris Fanning or Evan Barker.


Mighty Acts Dance is a dance team for ages 12 and up that is devoted to communicating the gospel message and expressing praise to God through dance and choreographed movement. Dancing as an expression of worship is mentioned in Psalm 150 and numerous other instances in the scriptures. Mighty Acts Dance perform special presentations at Easter and Christmas in concert with the Music Ministry and other occasions.

Mighty Acts Dance emphasizes:

Growth and leadership development of team members  

Performance with progressive skill, joy, and reverence

Ministry within and without the church

Prayer and devotional study

Creative development in choreography


Mighty Acts Drama is a drama team for ages 16 and older whose goal is to communicate the truths of the gospel through the dramatic arts, humor and creative skits. Performances are typically prepared for the holiday seasons or special outreach occasions. Rehearsal times vary based on the performance schedule.


Reach is Victorious Life's puppet troupe whose goal is to proclaim the Christian message in a high-energy, often humorous manner using muppet-type puppets and props. This one-of-a-kind ministry utilizes music, dance and drama in combination with puppets to "reach" people young and old alike. The Reach team has won numerous awards and has performed for camps, churches and various outreaches in the local community.