Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Below are answers to some common questions that anyone looking for a church might want to ask before getting more involved. Have more questions? Please feel free to contact us through the church office at anytime.

  • Who is welcome to attend services?

    Everyone is welcome! Our worship services are open to the general public and our congregation is ethnically and socially diverse. Even if you don't consider yourself a Christian, you are invited to come and attend any of our gatherings.

  • Why is the church located in Downtown Troy?

    We believe in the vitality of urban life; and that Troy, New York, like many small cities, is a great place to live, work and worship yet is in need of spiritual and economic renewal. We believe that the Gospel is a vital part of any community's long-term prosperity and that God desires His Gospel, and therefore His church, to be at work in our cities and among the poor. Victorious Life has embraced the city of Troy as God's chosen field for our congregation.

  • What is the theological background of the church?

    We are a charismatic, evangelical Christian church that believes in the unchanging, historic tenets of the Christian faith as revealed through the Holy Bible and faithfully passed down through church history. We believe that the church is dependent upon the power of Holy Spirit and Biblical truth to transform our lives, our culture and our community.

  • With whom is the church affiliated?

    Victorious  Life is an autonomous local church that is self-governing and self-supporting. While we are non-denominational we are affiliated with The Gospel Coalition (TGC) and The Christian Community Development Association (CCDA). We believe that the only true basis for church membership is believing the Christian gospel and walking in Christian love.

  • How is the government of the church structured?

    Our elders and deacons are charged with the overall vision, doctrine and care of the church. Elders and deacons are chosen and ordained according to the qualifications found in Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3 of the New Testament and are the legal directors of the corporation and the spiritual governing body of Victorious Life. Together., the elders and deacons serve in various capacities to support the life of our congregation and fulfill the ongoing mission of the church.

  • To whom are the leaders accountable?

    The elders and deacons, before God, hold one another accountable to the moral, ethical and doctrinal standards of the Christian faith as revealed in the Bible. We also enjoy fellowship with many local and regional pastors for accountability and encouragement.

  • how does Victorious Life relate with other churches?

    We consider other congregations our brothers and sisters and partners in the Gospel. We believe there is one Body of Christ with many expressions as seen in the varied local churches in the Capital Region and throughout the world. Through our eldership team and deaconate we are in regular communication with many different Christian congregations in the region. We readily partner with and support other local churches for the work of the gospel both locally and abroad.

  • How is the money handled?

    Victorious Life depends on the generosity of our members. It is our free will offerings that support the ministry of our congregation and fund our missions work. Some households donate a regular percentage of their earnings as an expression of worship to God. There is strict accountability in the handling of our finances, from the counting process through the accounting process. Financial decisions are made by the eldership team in accordance with our corporate by-laws and an annual report is published and given to the congregation.

  • Do the elders get paid a salary?

    Each of our elders and deacons are bi-vocational, working full-time in the marketplace in addition to volunteering our time and talents to the work of the church. While we are not opposed to staffing pastors, our current arrangement allows us to direct a large portion of our funds to our local missions work while setting an example of service to the congregation and community. We currently employ full and part-time administrative office staff as well as an associate pastor.